Shelf life


When kept at room temperature, our packaged gingerbread has a very long shelf life. Once opened, the packaging should always be tightly resealed. For best results, store the gingerbread in cookie tins. Should the gingerbread become stale, place it in a container with a few fresh apple slices. Seal the container with plastic wrap and a rubber band. The gingerbread will absorb the moisture from the apple slices and soften up after a few days. Dispose of the apple slices before they begin to mold.

Bloomed chocolate

Just because chocolate has bloomed does not mean that it has gone bad. Once chocolate begins to melt, it can develop a white film when it re-solidifies. The cocoa butter seperates from the chocolate and collects on the surface. This process has no influence on taste and the bloomed chocolate can be eaten worry-free.